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postheadericon Homemade food

We recommend you some of the following dishes for a tasty ethno-breakfast:

• Homemade cheese
• Buckwheat-porridge
• Cream
• Cheese-pie
• Mangel-pie
• Bread made of buckwheat
• Bread made with herbs
• Pies
• Cornflour bread
• Homemade yogurt
• Fresh milk
Lunch can consist of traditional serbian dishes like:
• Soup
• Main course
• Salad
• Desert

Meny can be adjusted to those who are fasting or those who need adjusted diet.The famous bread made of buckwheat is a essential part of our meny. Dinner contains the same dishes as well as breakfast plus:

• Buckwheat -pancakes with homemade jam and marmalade
• Grilled or cooked vegetables
• Rolls with cream and cheese
• Fish
• Dish to order



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