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The ethno-household Šekler provides the services of mountain tourism since 1991.The household includes ethno-restaurant, rooms, one cottage with 2 apartments and one cottage with one apartment Restaurant “ Beli bagrem”-The White Acacia is decorated in ethno-style with a big, closed terrace made of wood and stone( capacity of 100 seats). With warm hospitality of Šekler familly , their special cuisine, where food can be prepared by the guest’s wishes and needs, as well as the readiness to introduce you to the nature beautis of the area, you are guaranteed a holidayfull of peace and joy .
The Šekler family invites you to experience Rudno and to share your impressions with the others who could also enjoy the beautis of ethno and mountain tourism. You will not feel like guests or tourists butlike a part of nice family.
You are very WELCOME!


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